Talent - identified, evaluated and integrated

How we work

Our approach to recruitment takes both client and candidate through the entire process from A to Z. Our role begins as soon as we receive a client mandate and ends only once a candidate is successfully settled in their new role. Our comprehensive breadth of expertly executed services has enabled us to develop trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We never lose sight of the fact that every search assignment is unique, differentiated by the client’s distinctive needs, role analysis and an in-depth understanding of their corporate brand & culture. This helps to define the nature of the ideal candidate, the required skills set, behavioural attributes and experience, further underscored by location, geography and the nature of the business.

This involves working with our clients to craft an optimal recruitment strategy and drawing on our extensive network sources, industry & function-specific database, advertising solutions and headhunting, to identify suitable candidates. The list of candidates is then trimmed down to a suitable shortlist.

A series of telephonic and face-to-face interviews enables us to rigorously assess the talent, experience and suitability of candidates, based on technical skills, personality and track-record of sustained superior performance in their field. Acting upon the company’s mandate, we then educate the candidate about the company, promote a positive representation of the brand, the position and its responsibilities and the scope it affords for personal advancement.

Clients are prepared for the first level of interview, through the candidate profiling, illustrating the individual’s skills, strengths, potential, development area, values, motivation, career ambitions and compensation levels. The candidate is guided on the interview preparation to research the potential employer, their financials, competitors, market share and reach, to effectively define their skill sets with real life examples, to communicate their compatibility with the organisation, it’s culture & work ethics, their interest and suitability to the role. Pre-interview guidance is provided to ensure professionalism, non-verbal factors and personal presentation are addressed and focussed on.

During the entire process, we facilitate the interview arrangements until final interview and selection. Securing the best candidate is vital in the entire process, which depends on headcount approvals, decision making timelines, compensation offers and counter-offers and multiple options & alternatives scenario. The overall process concludes with the best closing strategy, which includes the salary offer assistance & final negotiation between the client and candidate.

Once selected, we work closely with both, the client, to ensure they are happy with their candidate of choice and with the candidate, to ensure they are integrated quickly and effectively into the organisation.