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Our Services

In order to compete at the highest levels of business today, organisations must strive to access high-performing and highly skilled talent, whilst maintaining adroitness to adapt to changing markets. Every day, we collaborate with our clients and our candidates, to ensure a win-win situation for all parties, at all times. We work with organisations to increase the quality and speed of recruitment by integrating best practices and resource planning, offering our clients top talent for all roles.

Our specialist sectors combine deep industry acumen, which is complemented by a global talent pool that enables us to source high calibre professionals. Our team prides itself on years of domain experience and our individual team members are recognised as recruitment experts within their specialisms and known for making the right connections in the market, whichever service they provide.

Direct Hire Recruitment

A customised contingent search employs a combination of direct recruiting methods, traditional searches, referrals, applicant screening, interviewing and assessment on a local and regional level. Our service focuses on mid-to-senior level positions and the search fee is billed only upon successful candidate placement. Our success rate in direct-hire placements staying with their new employers for least two years is 95%.

Onsite Recruitment Management

Onsite recruitment services are bespoke solutions, delivered in-house at the client’s location, to achieve their business objective of filling 10 or more vacancies. By working onsite, we have direct interaction with the Hiring Managers to establish the needs, KPIs and performance requirements. The project team will utilise any client resources provided and their own search tools to adeptly meet the agreed recruitment needs, thus ensuring a high success rate.

Executive Outsourcing

Companies do not always have all the required people on-board to achieve their organisation’s goals. Our outsourcing services are therefore provided for executive level placements, typically for shorter duration contracts and projects of a minimum one year. This offers a very effective way of managing costs and getting the job done without companies having to be burdened with the long term costs of maintaining permanent staff, or having to deal with “hire and then fire”.

Testing & Assessment

As no two organisations are the same, we invest time in understanding our clients' strategic aspirations, culture, brand, challenges and expectations to support an assessment and selection process that will deliver the highest quality talent available. Applicable for large scale projects, we deliver the testing & assessment processes to meet both current and future organisational challenges, including work simulations, interviews, interactive exercises, assessment centres and psychometric tests.

Advertising Response Management

This is a customised service wherein our researchers screen and evaluate responses to a corporation’s job advertisements against a set criteria. This improves the turnaround time in assessing advertising responses and reviewing the qualified shortlisted applicants. This service includes pre-selection screening question management, follow-up communication with the candidates, pre-assessment, and only the shortlisted candidates will be presented to the client.

Turnkey Recruitment Projects

Our search services cover turnkey project recruitment solutions to address regional expansions, the launch of a new division, establishing a UAE office and enterprises relocating their global operations to the region. Project services provide clients with the scalability, recruiting and process expertise they require to get through high-volume specialised recruitment in a mutually agreed time frame.

Knowledge Transfer Management Search

Our consultancy services address larger scale engagement for global corporations moving functional operations from one country to another. In such cases, a significant percentage of existing employees will relocate from older location to the new one. Filling the gap for those that do not, the corporation will need to hire staff and management with requisite qualifications and experiences, ensuring smooth knowledge transfer between the old and new locations. Our involvement helps to reduce their anxiety by implementing and executing a hiring strategy in tandem with their knowledge transfer strategy in the region, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Retained Search

Retained search represents a clear commitment from both sides, client and consultancy exclusivity and sends a strong message that the hiring company highly values the opportunity. When time, complexity and confidentiality are critical, retained search is particularly appropriate. The hire will be for a leadership talent position, and the successful candidate will have a proven track record in their domain having made a significant impact and contribution to company performance. We consistently provide the best in speed, quality and successful performance outcomes.